Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

FAQs for Aviation ID Australia

ASIC FAQs (everything you need to know about applying for your Aviation Security Identification Card).

See below for a range of topics & common questions related to Aviation ID and your ASIC card needs. If you would like any further assistance, please contact our friendly team.

General Questions

What is an ASIC card?

An Aviation Security Identification Card, known as an ASIC, is an identification card which is used to identify a person who has been the subject of a background check. An ASIC may be required if a person has an operational need to obtain unescorted access at security controlled airports or if a person performs a security-sensitive role in the aviation industry.

What type of ASIC do I need?

The type of ASIC you require will depend on your operational need.  Your employer, flight school or the airport operator will be able to help you determine which type of ASIC will satisfy your requirements.

The security controlled areas within airports around Australia are classified as either a Red or Grey zones.  If you are unsure what colour you require for specific airports you should contact the airport management directly.  

To be displayed in the “airside security zone” and/or “secure area” of a security controlled airport. For example, pilots, aircrew, LAMEs and employees at major security controlled airports may require a Red ASIC.

To be displayed in a “secure area” of a security controlled airport. A Grey ASIC is more commonly required at regional airports only. For example, baggage handlers and passenger check-in staff at a regional airport may require a Grey ASIC.

White ASIC
To be held by a person employed or contracted to handle air cargo such as a Known Consigner, or to issue aviation identification cards such as airport Visitor Identification Cards (VICs) or ASICs. A White ASIC cannot be used for display at a security controlled airport.

“Airside security zone” is defined in the Aviation Transport Security Act. “Secure area” is defined in the Aviation Transport Security Regulations.

How long is an ASIC card valid?

For most applicants, the ASIC will be valid for 2 years from the month of approval. The expiry date on the ASIC is determined by the approval date of the AusCheck background check, even if the application is a renewal.

The card expiry is printed on the front of the ASIC. The expiry date is the last day of the expiry month. For example, an ASIC card with an expiry of “SEP 26” printed on the front will expire on 30th September 2026.

In some cases, an applicant may receive a shorter expiry. This can occur where an applicant is under 18, or is issued a conditional ASIC. For these applicants, the shorter expiry printed on the card also reflects the expiry date of the background check.

What is the Eligibility Criteria?

From 23 August 2021 a person’s eligibility to hold an ASIC and MSIC and work in the most secure areas of Australia’s airports and seaports will be assessed against the new criteria

Link to full PDF from the Department of Home Affairs

What is a conditional ASIC?

In some cases, an applicant may have conditions placed on their eligibility to hold an ASIC. These conditions are enforced by the Department of Home Affairs, not by Aviation ID. The most common condition imposed is that the ASIC is valid for one year only (instead of two years) meaning the applicant is required to undergo the background checking process more often.

Where can I obtain more information?

ASIC cards are regulated by the Department of Home Affairs under the Aviation Transport Security Regulations 2005. You can find more information at the Home Affairs website here.

Applying for an ASIC

How much does an ASIC card application cost?

The price of an ASIC application varies depending on the type of ASIC required. Our prices are all inclusive, there are no hidden charges or other fees along the way.

Application Type Price (Ex GST) Price (Inc GST)
Red & Grey ASICs $280.00 $308.00
White ASICs $250.00 $275.00
Under 18 $200.00 $220.00
Job Ready* $200.00 $220.00

The price includes the cost of processing the application, the background check, the In Person ID Check, card printing, a card holder and lanyard, trackable postage, and a reply-paid envelope for return of Red/Grey expired ASICs.

*Job ready applications include the background check only, with the balance of a full ASIC payable upon card issue.

The application fee is payable upon submitting the application. We accept Visa and Mastercard via a secure hosted payment page within the online application.

Please see our FAQ regarding Payment Terms for more information. Prices are valid as at 1st May 2024 and are subject to change without notice.

What is the process to obtain an ASIC card?

Aviation ID has one of the fastest and easiest processes to obtain an ASIC. Take a look at our ASIC Process here for a full outline.

What type of ASIC Application do I choose?

Our ASIC Application has the following options to choose:

Apply – if you have never held an ASIC, or you are applying with Aviation ID for the first time, then select “Apply”.

Renew with PIN – we will send you a renewal PIN by email if you have an existing ASIC issued by us that is due to expire. This PIN will securely pre-populate some of your information into the online application, making it easier and faster for you to complete.

Renew without PIN – if you have previously held an ASIC with Aviation ID, but cannot renew with a PIN, you may choose this option so we can match your new application with your existing file in our database.

Job Ready – if you are applying for an ASIC prior to having an operational need (e.g., if you are looking for work in the aviation industry), or if you only require the AusCheck background check (e.g., to satisfy a TAFE studies pre-requisite) then you should choose “Job Ready”. This option doesn’t require you to complete the operational need section.

Will my ASIC be processed faster if it's a renewal?

A renewal and initial application both take the same amount of time to process because a full background check is conducted by AusCheck on each occasion you apply for an ASIC, regardless of whether you have previously been background checked.

Regulations also require you to submit your identity documents to us on each application and have them verified at an in-person ID Check, regardless of whether you have supplied them and had them verified previously.

Whilst the industry-wide term used for subsequent ASICs is “renewal”, it may be more helpful to think of it as “re-applying”.

What does the "Defer AusCheck Submission" option mean for Renewal applications?

The expiry month of your new ASIC will be determined by the date your application is approved by AusCheck. For example, if your AusCheck is approved on 15th June 2024 your ASIC expiry will be 30th June 2026, if it is approved on 7th July 2024 your ASIC expiry will be 31st July 2026.

The new ASIC expiry is NOT determined by the expiry date of your previous ASIC/s. We can defer your submission to AusCheck until the first business day of the month in which your current ASIC will expire. This may improve your chances of receiving the same expiry date as your existing ASIC. However, this option does not guarantee your new ASIC will be approved before your existing ASIC expires.

Please note payment is for the processing of the ASIC application to cover administration costs. The full fee is payable regardless of the ASIC expiry date received. We are unable to provide refunds (full or partial) if you receive a shorter expiry date than your previous ASIC, or any form of compensation if your current ASIC expires before you receive your new one.

What are the payment terms for my ASIC application?

Full payment for the ASIC application is required upfront by credit card upon submission of the online application. We accept Visa or Mastercard via a secure hosted payment page. Where a company account has been established, full payment for the ASIC application is required as per the payment terms shown on the invoice.

The amount charged is for the administrative services provided by Aviation ID Australia to process the application, regardless of whether a physical card is issued or not. Administration services commence immediately and are deemed actioned once the online application is submitted, therefore the amount paid is non-refundable.

Aviation ID Australia will not issue a refund (full or partial) where:

  • The applicant cannot, or will not, provide documents requested by Aviation ID Australia that we deem necessary to process an application.
  • The applicant, or their employer, chooses to withdraw an application due to change of mind, resignation or job loss, or any other change in operational need.
  • The applicant is found to be not eligible by AusCheck or is not issued an ASIC for any other reason within the regulations.
  • The expiry date of the ASIC is less than the usual two year period, or where the expiry date of a renewal ASIC is different to the previous ASIC.
  • The processing time is delayed due to AusCheck’s background checking timeframe. AusCheck is a separate government body, delays at AusCheck are beyond our control and not the responsibility Aviation ID Australia.
  • The ASIC is cancelled or suspended either before or after it is issued.

How long will the process take?

In general, most applicants receive their ASIC within 2 – 6 weeks. 

The processing time is dependent on how long your AusCheck background check takes. This is the same for all ASIC providers. AusCheck is an external government agency, and no ASIC provider can guarantee you a definitive processing time.

Aviation ID’s internal time frames are very fast and highly competitive. We have designed our process to be the most streamlined option available to you:

  • Our online application allows you to digitally upload your documents so we can start assessing them without delay.
  • Once we have assessed your application as complete, we will send it to AusCheck within 1-2 business days.
  • Whilst you are awaiting AusCheck approval, you can maximise our time efficient process by simultaneously completing the in-person ID Check.
  • Upon approval from AusCheck, we will print and post your ASIC within 1-2 business days. We use standard domestic postage with a tracking number. We also offer an express postage option on the payment page for an additional $15.95, or you can contact us for a quote for overnight courier delivery.

The processing time for AusCheck to complete a background check can vary from 2 to 6 weeks, sometimes less and sometimes more. If you have any criminal charges in your background this can affect the processing time. ASIC providers have no control over the background check timeframe.

What is a Job Ready application?

A Job Ready application allows a person to undergo the AusCheck background check before they have an operational need for the card.

For example, someone who is seeking employment in the aviation industry may wish to show future employers or contractors that they will be approved to hold an ASIC once they are employed.

A Job Ready application is also suitable for TAFE students that require an AusCheck background check as a prerequisite to their aviation related course.

A Job Ready applicant will receive written confirmation once their AusCheck approval has been received. This can be used as evidence for prospective employers and education institutions.

The cost of a Job Ready application is $220. A full Red or Grey ASIC is $308, therefore the balance of $88 is payable once operational need is established and a card is issued.

What if I make a mistake on my application?

If you make a mistake whilst completing the online form, you can use the Previous button at the bottom of the page to go back and edit your answers before choosing to submit.

If you have already submitted your application and you have made a mistake, you can simply reply to the email confirmation you would have received. Your reply will be emailed directly to our ASIC Team who can make the corrections for you. Alternatively, you can contact us by phone and speak to one of our friendly team for assistance.

I am under 18 years old. Can I apply for an ASIC?

Yes, you may apply for an ASIC if you are under 18. There are some things to be aware of:

Under 18 – your ASIC will only be valid until 6 months after your 18th birthday, or for 2 years, whichever occurs first. If your 18th birthday is imminent, you may want to consider delaying your application to avoid needing to re-apply again so soon.

Under 14 – your application will need to be supported by signed parent or guardian consent. Once you have submitted your online application, our team will be in contact to obtain this before we commence processing.

Background Check – an applicant who is under 18 does not need to undergo a criminal history check as part of the background check, however a national security assessment will be conducted.

Category B Identity Document – there are some exceptions to the criteria for an applicant who is under 18 and cannot provide a document containing a photo and signature. If you are unable to produce a Category B document, then we can accept a parent or guardian’s Category B document where it is accompanied by a legal document proving their guardianship. For example, we can use your parent’s drivers licence for Category B if they are listed on your birth certificate or citizenship certificate. If a parent or guardians Category B document is used, they will be required to attend the in-person ID Check with you. All other category documents (A, C & D) must be in your own name.

What will I need to provide?

You will need to provide:

  • a passport style photograph,
  • documents that prove your identity; and
  • a document to prove your operational need for the ASIC.

For more detailed information on each of these requirements, please see the separate FAQ for each item or visit our Supporting Documents page.

What identity documents do I need to provide?

You need to provide one document from each category below. Please note these documents do not require certification as you will need to present each of the originals to our Agent in person. If you do not have original copies of your identity documents, you will need to obtain them.


  • Full Australian Birth Certificate
    Extracts and commemorative certificates are not acceptable. If you do not have a copy of your birth certificate you will need to apply for one from Births Deaths & Marriages in the state in which you were born.


  • Australian Citizenship Certificate – front and BACK page
    The back page often contains important numbers that will be required to digitally verify your document. If you do not include both the front & back page your application processing time may be delayed.


  • Australian Visa / Visa Grant Notice / VEVO / Immicard
    This is a requirement for all foreign citizens including those from New Zealand. A copy of your supporting foreign passport is also required to accompany your Visa or VEVO. If the passport has not expired, then you may also use it as your Category B document.


Document must be current and valid. Examples of eligible documents include:

  • Current Passport
  • Current Driver’s Licence
    (Please include a copy of the back if it shows an address label or signature)
  • Australian Proof of Age Card
  • Australian Security Licence
  • Australian Firearms Licence
  • Australian Police Identification Card


Document must be current and valid. Examples of eligible documents include:

  • A Category B document not already used
  • Current Medicare Card
  • Current ASIC or MSIC
  • Australian Tertiary Student ID Card
  • Bank / Credit Card
  • Official Marriage Certificate issued by Births Deaths and Marriages
    (commemorative certificates not accepted)
  • Australian Government Benefit Card (such as pension or health care card)

*Only required if categories A, B or C do not show your current address.

Must be a formal document no more than 6 months old. Examples of eligible documents include:

  • Bank Statement
  • Utility Bill
  • Rates Notice
  • Mortgage Papers or Tenancy Agreement
  • Australian Electoral Enrolment


Regulations require your name to be consistent across all category documents unless a linking document can be supplied. For example, if your birth certificate shows your maiden name, but drivers licence and medicare card show your married name, you must provide a marriage certificate.

Only formal linking documents can be accepted, e.g., a Marriage Certificate or a Change of Name certificate issued by Births, Deaths & Marriages. A statutory declaration is not a sufficient linking document for name changes.

It is important to disclose all previous names and aliases you have ever been known by. Failure to do so may unfortunately cause delay or withdrawal of your background check with AusCheck.

What type of photograph do I need to provide?

You must provide a recent colour headshot photograph of yourself. This will be used to identify you and will be printed on your ASIC.

Yes, you can take the photo yourself! You do not need to pay for passport photographs. However, we do suggest having someone else take the photo as selfies may not meet the required specifications. The headshot photo must be:

  • Recent – no more than 6 months old.
  • On a plain white or light-grey background.
  • Clear colour and in sharp focus.
  • Facing square on and looking straight ahead.
  • Head and shoulders only.
  • In a neutral expression – no smiling, mouth closed and eyes open.
  • No glasses or hats. No other facial coverings that obstruct the face from forehead to chin.

The photo can be provided digitally in a good quality resolution, or posted to us if printed on good quality glossy photographic paper.

How do I prove my Operational Need?

You will need to provide evidence to support your operational need to hold the ASIC. The most common forms of evidence include a:

  • copy of your valid pilot’s licence, or
  • letter of endorsement from your employer or contracting party, or
  • letter of endorsement from your flight school.

Pilot’s Licence

For CASA issued Part 61 Flight Crew Licences, we require the pages that show your Name, ARN, Issue Date and Licence Categories (i.e. pages 2-3 showing sections I-XIII).

For RAA issued licences we require a copy of your membership, certificate, not just the membership card.

Letter of Endorsement – Employers and Flight Schools

The letter must be current (within 3 months) and should include the following:

  • Applicant Name
  • Date
  • Company/Flight School Letterhead and ABN
  • Be addressed to Aviation ID Australia
  • Confirmation of duties/enrolment relevant to the need for an ASIC
  • Type of ASIC required, i.e. Red, Grey or White
  • Scope of ASIC required, i.e. Auswide or Single Airport
  • Name and signature of the company/flight school liaison.

Do I need my documents and photos to be certified?

Your supporting documents do not require certification as you will be presenting each of the originals to our Agent in person when you complete your in-person ID Check. The Agent will verify the documents.

Please note, if you do not have original copies of your identity documents, you will need to obtain them before your application can be processed.

Can I complete the application on a mobile or tablet?

Absolutely. The online application has been designed to be used on all devices, so it’s up to you whether you prefer to use a computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

Depending on how you have your supporting documents stored, a tablet may be the easiest option as it has a reasonable screen size for completing the form and also allows you to take photos of your documents as you proceed through the application.

What types of files can I upload?

During the online application you have the opportunity to upload your supporting documents.

These documents can be uploaded as a PDF, or as a JPEG or PNG image file. Please ensure the file names do not include any special characters, as the online application may reject the file.

If you are using a mobile or tablet device, you can access your photos and your camera whilst completing the application to upload an image of your document.

How do I get my VISA or VEVO?

To obtain your VISA you will need to contact the Department of Home Affairs. Click on this link to go to their website – Department of Home Affairs Check Visa Details and Conditions.

The easiest way to obtain your VISA details is through the Department’s online VEVO system using your current passport. When you access the VEVO portal, you can download a copy of your document and then upload it when completing our online application or email it to us separately. You will also need to print your downloaded VISA/VEVO and take it with you for the in-person ID Check.

The VEVO portal also has an ’email entitlements’ function where you can nominate a copy of the VEVO to be sent directly from VEVO to Aviation ID (you will need to enter our email: You must also provide us with the supporting foreign passport for VEVO/VISA, even if it has expired.

Do I need to supply documents again if I am renewing?

Yes, regulations require you to supply your identity documents to us upon each application and have them verified at an in-person ID Check each time, regardless of whether you have supplied them and had them verified previously. We are unable to use identification documents that were supplied for previous applications. 

Why can't my preferred name be displayed on my ASIC?

Due to regulations set by the Department of Home Affairs we must print your legal first name and surname on the ASIC. This is usually the name shown on your Category A document (birth certificate, Citizenship Certificate, VISA), unless a formal change of name linkage document is supplied (such as a certificate issued by births, deaths and marriages).

AusCheck Questions

Who is AusCheck?

AusCheck is an external government agency within the Department of Home Affairs. AusCheck is responsible for conducting the background check for your ASIC. We cannot issue an ASIC without approval from AusCheck. 

The AusCheck processing time can be around 2-6 weeks (sometimes less, sometimes more). We do not have any control over this time period. This is the same for all ASIC providers, which is why it is impossible for any provider to guarantee a specific ASIC  processing time.

Can I get a copy of my background check?

Your background check is not made available by AusCheck. We will be advised if your background check is approved, eligble with conditions or not eligible. We can provide you with written confirmation of your AusCheck result if you require it.

Can I contact AusCheck?

For general enquiries, AusCheck would prefer us to lodge those on your behalf. If you would like an update on your application, you should contact us. Please be aware that AusCheck can take in excess of 6 weeks to process your application and enquiries placed any earlier will generally only result in their standard response.

In some circumstances, AusCheck will contact you directly if they require further information to process your background check. Our online application requires you to nominate your preferred contact method (phone or email), should this be required.

ASIC Holder Obligations

Do I need to return my ASIC?

Yes, you do!

Regulations require you to return your ASIC to your issuing body within 30 days after its expiry, or sooner if you no longer have an operational need. It is against the law to retain the ASIC or dispose of it yourself.

If you have any outstanding ASICs issued by Aviation ID Australia please return them asap to Locked Bag 2000, Merimbula NSW 2548. We highly recommend using trackable postage such as express or registered post.

My ASIC has been lost, stolen, damaged or defaced. What should I do?

If your ASIC is lost, stolen, destroyed, damaged, altered or defaced, you will need to contact us immediately. Regulations require lost, stolen and destroyed ASICs to be reported to us within 7 days. Damaged, altered or defaced ASICs must be reported to us within 30 days. You will need to complete a replacement form and complete a statutory declaration. Our team will provide these to you when you contact us.

We can process a replacement ASIC card for you. The cost is $110 (inc gst). To learn more about ASIC card reprints, visit our Replacements & Transfers page.

I have been convicted of an aviation security relevant offence. What should I do?

If you are convicted of an aviation security relevant offence whilst holding an ASIC, you must notify us or AusCheck within 7 days.

You will need to complete this AusCheck Self Reporting Form. You can contact us for assistance.

I've changed my name. What should I do?

If you have changed your name, you should contact us as soon as possible. Regulations require you to notify us within 30 days.

You will need to have a replacement ASIC printed with your new name. A formal Change of Name Certificate or Marriage Certificate will need to be supplied.

To learn more about ASIC card reprints, visit our Replacements & Transfers page.

Can I contact the Department of Home Affairs?

You can contact the Department of Home Affairs at the following link: Home Affairs Contact Page